Czech Teen brutally punished


At the end of 1980’s, the communist empire fell apart and all visitors of the‚ wild east‘looked forward to many interesting experiences.


For example, a schoolgirl, waiting for punishment, so cute when chewing her hair and nervously standing in front of the headmaster. So scared of the vision of a caning, feeling ashamed when taking off her clothes. Full of fear when being tied to a whipping post and crying loudly while caned on her bare bottom.

Or what about the second one, tied with her hands above her head to show the world her naked body? Screaming in pain while being whipped by a stock-whip, her body and soul suffering…


But we also have a third girl, a small maid, lovely and innocent as a spring day and she will experience almost everything she can imagine about spanking. At first she is hand-spanked on her panties, on her bare bottom, than she is paddled and at the end she faces a cruel caning while locked in the pillory, preventing her from any form of protest.


But how we can mix these ingredients into one delicious meal without making a tasteless mix? What spices shall we add? Perhaps a bit of pony play, a few horror scenes, a lot of thrill and anticipation of how it all was…

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